A Dual.

Ascended Passion

*Fall back and remember*

Recite the lines, rewind.

Standing in the rain.

Imagining the magnitude of distraction.

Complexities are easy to announce.

Pronounced correctly you realize.

The necessity of antiquity.

*Fall Back*

Recited lines.



Tape Side B.

Ego As Large as an Artichoke

9-5 begins to be the motto of our lives.

Door close.

More cries.

Aficionado hard labor Mexicano.

Tomato terrine arrives at sunrise.

7 Am used to be the time of outside.

Smiles hide deep in your retina.

No days off.

Pull references from McKenna.

Karma falling like dominos.

Zip files hold attachments.

Confident words are/can be used as reinforcements.

Motorized personalities, utilize mental gadgetry that specialize in ego enhancements.

Some can be seen in articles.

Similar to visual obstacles.

Never the less the nauseated file still remains.

Encoded particles that occur when trash talk is projected in singular bushido.

Disregarded the fact that simple living is far from the motive.

Quoted by a spirited individual in tuxedo.


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