A Reason to Not Look at Phone

Rather not, raise a head to this.

…Hmmm or should not raise a head to this?

Anyways it’s the Democratic Theater, and the only most-allowed Ritter sport capable of crumbling into a plethora of pieces.

Skipped train-of-thought.

Derailed by a harp strung avenue of angry voices.

Boysenberry cherry blossoms outfit the cartilage nostrils.

Immediately dispersed by the all polluted.

Waltzing folk.

Behold an origami-schemed filament.

Piece-by-piece moments are put in order.

Order of operations.

Signifiers of salutations.

Crack player or payer showers in the same dorm.

Norm is cement paved by Diebekorn.

What is organic?

Maybe another reason for post-traumatic.

Heads or tails of the fidget spinner.

Spinner of Fortune.

Roller of Pain.

Killer of matte folk.

Spiller of that joke.


One response to “A Reason to Not Look at Phone

  1. Some of those sentiments were very fascinating. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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