A Compilation Part 2

Mental Reach Political Impeach, Banana

Tic-Tockers trip over potholes.

Ticking time bomb manufactured for the little snot nose.

Too much static creates smart codes for the aristocratic.

Uncontaminated assholes who never touched asphalt.

Protagonist as coy.

But pops the individual who can deploy havoc as an evangelist.

100% Unpredictable Steps

Understandable cannibal movement.

Taking a bath in salts.

Disguised as psychoanalyst.

Impatience will cost lives.

Talent comes in increments.

Mental capacity fails by D fault.

Though assaults are made days after day through quick judgments.

Cadaver de jour always witnessed by a bigger brother.

Semitists day after day researching atom-smashers.

While we walk down the street believing we satisfy ourselves with soggy crackers.


Jump- start the tourniquet.

Cracks in the pavement painted yellow.

Saying hello to the future self.

Self-care wrapped in bubbles.

Seeing double after repetitive bev.

Average Joe still looking for a job.

Crime pays as the homeless lay on they backs.

Creative cliché. Many will follow your tracks.

Ultimately you’re on your own.

To make a decision.

2022 on the way.


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