Synchronized Motions

A relative sense of common view.

Review the sentence written at nine-am.

Sitting on a wooden church pew.

Tangible, used to call it the cheeto cringe.

Klemmer on the bend with Free Soul.

As mentioned b4 theres a relative sense of common view.

This can also be applied to how you mix your bowl.

A highlighted goal Roberto Baggio 1994.

Closing the penalty door.

Reciting this might be what you will hear in an oriental store.

Dropping bombs is Americas favorite chore.

Other than the body cam.

Counting many more body bags.

To only distinguish how much salt McDonalds
gave them on their pommes.

Extracted from a man in fear.

To waking up a mother to then
realize her child is not there.

A relative stench covered up in common sense.


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