Consequences of Living vs Dying

Brass knuckles clutched on the claw of a dove.

A perfect expression for the extremes of love.

2 years later got flashbacks of mamas honeysuckles.

Nah you alive somewhere safe in the memory of blessings.

Next to God playing pops favorite tune.

Props to pops for the best backdrops.

From teaching us Aesop’s to rewarding us with IHops.

Messing up in the late 18’s.

Getting drunk on the F-stops.

Foggy days.

Foodstamps on infinite countertops.

From sleeping on couches.

To catching a breath on the highest mountains.

Vouching for your respect.

To let this one out to the world

Via blue ink.

Punches to the chest.

The best part even though we grow apart

You will always have a place in my heart.


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