The Direction of Male

Polygraphic generation.

Aristotle navigation.

Ultimatum: monetary expenses on flotation.

Culture started a call-of-action.

Elementary school pump-action.

Car spun back ward.

Verbal abstract ward.

Long story short, somebodies got the information.

New world order certification.

Open platform.

Clothing: Velcro beat lacin’

Seasonal fires.

Salt greens.

False intoxication.

Consumer fraud, open prior investigation.

Dementia pun.

Adolescent escape particle verification.

Cyberspace, cyberlaced low-population article.

Full coverage castration baggage.

Twin-plotion pancake demolition.

Government covenant drug addiction.

Purple smokin’ Clarence trust-fund on ice package.

Internet browsin’.

Society sippin’ on bitter tanin’s

Overheard clairvoyance.

Atmospheric overhead spraycanin’

Bronson fanicizin over organic carrots.

8 hour workload based on 90 degree merits.

Space debris the medication.

Minimum wage meditation.


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  1. 90 degree merits

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