The profound, the unwound, the gatekeepers
At the compound, we surround the street sweepers
In a night’s greeting introduced to ice freely
We intice meetings, ruby round table seatings
From a height speaking, looking at you mice feasting
It was nice leaving through a trail of eyes leaking
Overthinking to the creaking sound of dice spinning
To reprise of where your life to fit a nice image
Watch the city turn to blips, leaving in the distance
We could never be a kin, I did the distance
Dummy niggas in the absence of a subtle mention
You was on a trip while I was on a fucking mission
Woo-walking through a disarray of broken dishes
Everything in moderation what the head told me
Leave it to the family to tell the whole story
In a circle with my brethren and my big homies…

Let’s keep it in the fam, less incorporated
Put it on the rider now, sing congratulations
My condolences to memory of celebration
Take another step for legends who ain’t never faked it
Hit the pedal, push, roses burn to fire, my desire left a fellow shook
Ownership, the final breath from all the wicked years it took
Played a key, a single tear was dripping on a gripper book
Have you ever seen the springtime from a stoney brook?
Visualize a state of piece, so why the bitches scared to look?
Toss it off the legs with all the knowledge you don’t need to know
Seperated by the pound we founded, wasn’t equal though
Seen a nigga in the mirror, buddy wasn’t even close
Crack a smile, put the delegation in a sleeper hold
Through the mask, my flesh was in a fine, I get emotional
Blow it out the upped and found the common ground.
Blood thicker than the water frozen in an ice pick….


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