The description said Hand Him the H&M.

Meaning the sheep’s on the coefficient of friction coincides with the weight of the object moved along any surface.

Tinted glass micro-soft.

Who am I supposed to pray to?

Take II

Hand sanitizer on drivers.

Licensed to show love for the automatic transmission.

Sirens enticing yes.

Yet etched as a busflow.

Letters looking like a rubberband.

Alright on the count of III say the name of your favorite metropolis.

No I don’t need to know about your urinary incontinence.

Maybe you said that cuz of your lack of anti-oxidants.

Pissing green shit like Ghosbusters.

Flustered enough you still look into the void.

Something similar to Dan Akroyd.

Unfinished tune sitting on a spoon.

Find inspo anywhere unlike a new phase of a moon.


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