The Obscene Setting of Scenes

As you continue to tighten your watch bezel, I mean strap.

Make sure you never walk out the house without thinking cap.

Disregarding the gap on the metro slap.

Lets see what else there is to speak upon.

I had another dream of cutting off a tongue.

Continue to read behind the lines.

Number one classic material.

Used to eat it with a cereal bowl

With a bunch of primes.

Throwing up in the sky.

You can easily use it with a box cutter
something more blunt.

Roll it up in rice paper to expose to the light.

All over the place.

Invariably sproosing up my lexical database.

Lay the words on diabase.

Photoshop the elements to look busy.

Something similar to the hype community.

Don’t say I wasn’t looking like the athletic type.

Nor am I the stereotype.

Third succession with a series of zeros.


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