Age of Absolution

Bell tolls.

Presidential polls logs the mandate.

Tinder brings people together on the wrong date.

Tree climber trending in my space.

Jump from outer space sponsored by square space.

Doing circles on my webpage.

Googleplex on Friday to stretch a canvas in a special place.

See a star from my sitting space.

Reflections of a boat on a Tuesday.

Jog in your joggers to keep your systems in all place.

Cyclops sometimes looking too hard in my way.

Synonymous dog choreography walking in unison.

Provided by the by the retiree who paid the pedigree with bison.

Rev the motorcycle by the sun.

Katalava that’s the launch codes with the red dot bot droppers.

Droopy looking cool with the London fog cardigan.

Elevate the mushroom question mark box sound.

Sixteen candles covered a cake with the same frown.

Cake made of carrot from the same ground.

Hogs like we ate at the same table.

Who are they to dismay thee with the same wardrobe?

Knock-off Versace chain reaction sneakers looking for features.

Getting your YouTube features from familiar creatures.

Then you woke up thinking this was the meaning.

Taking your time thinking this was the reason.

To sit right back down.

To remember what you were thinking.

Enjoy the view of your cigarette.

Bus stop located near ATMs.

Two minutes to make split decisions.

Dreams wake you up with clearer visions.

Used to listen to Travis to keep you wishing.

Different missions vs the features of or similar visions.

Reverse talk makes you think your in a black lodge.

Charge my phone to hone in on another conversation.

Nation full of wimps.

Planet of chimps

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