Preemptive page splitters.

Bookmarked the paper-cut

Beat of the white flag.

Through the plasma riot.

Skipping meals.

Skippin’ deals.

Fast-forward, greed kills.

If it’s not right now, we have no reveal.

Unseal the mask you are wearing.

Show the truth.

Wise words crashed in a booth.

Broke a leg from the distant drop in your stomach.

When others thought they followed you.

Waking up following yourself.

Lay in air-conditions.

Sippin’ mescal.

Food-to-go on a dial.

Soap sequence lathered on a Cali peal.

Writing a kilometer.

As long as what one writes is true.

Looking as far as my eye can reveal.

Blood is thicker than water.

Just as long as that liquid don’ spill.


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