Red Dot

Mentors at eye level.

Polyurethane, propane images viewed through a skeletal glass.

“BTS” can mean anything.

Infant acrobat swingin’ on mamas arm.

Army green is the new Nike check.

Your pockets cuz ain’t got no money for that.

Yoda rather chill in the cut, suckin’ on rice paper stick.

Homie make sure his Instagram is in check.

Homie rather make sure his steps are covered.

By the way the hydrophobic device continues to record the horrors of the hemisphere.

Horizons light up like bus stops all across your frontal lobe.

Purple lobster is what homie wants.

Homie gonna kill yo’ mama for it.

“Pre-meditative” move the tube called it.

The pre-meditative move of a force called task.

Whose barging altogether in one direction?

Follow the red dot.

This one is pointed at homies body.

Turning em’ into a red X-mas tree.

Homie runs, homie hides.

Homies found dead.

At eye-level.

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