what’s the enemy of time?

look guys, i can understand that none of you more or less understand what im writting.

thats understandable but theres alot to say in such little time.

call it venting call it whatever you wanna call it. im blessed to at least have a decent plat to express these thoughts and ideas (like my writing)

as this unfolds i will also explain what Matuli Kulton means to me.

if you dont want to hear another person talk about how much this world sucks using -ism’s and -its’s, you should just stop right here.

lets start off with human behavior shall we? great!

time to get this off my chest:

People are fake, we know this, but why?

yeah when i meant the people are fake i meant it in the literal sense and behavioral sense too. (the literal will reoccur in the convo soon)

Imma keep it at this for the moment because im at work and this feeling is building up so until next time…

from Darkest Before the Dawn Soundtrack, 2019 by Augustine Kofie

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