Wiretap messages from a stranger place.

Latency wrapped around an extra arm.

When it takes time to understand Jodeci.

Few fall short from victories check.

Reminders that stay still, recharging the copper-fill.

Copperfield-ed the banknotes.

Fake notes written on yah case notes.

Reciprocated the vibrancy of your audacity.

Mastery of musical notes.

Generation of storage battery, or should I say: Art Gallery quotes.

Jumbaliyah anniversary.

That includes the teeth in June.

Proficient auxiliary pupil.

Shows brilliant dexterity in Y-Sphere.

The retina scan details promise that: Crash Mario, Zelda and the rest won’t walk with the subject

when given a life sentence.

Enterlocked in the optics, which give nerve to this being.

Lies an honest reflection projecting positivity.

Yes you can say this subject illuminates great conviction.

Through it all.


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