Generously Underpaid

Everything that glitters aint fish scale.

That’s a good start.


Others at this point get so bored and slide into DM.


Double-motives got this ball rollin’.

Rollin’ Loud was a lousy concert, ugly people with ugly voices.

Smart posers cryin’ for posters.


Post-Modern Trills.


Old rhymes

New skills.

Others 🙂 , claiming to paint with sound.

Wavelengths longer than my fingertip.

Most are comin’ out too early to paint a picture.

BLM outlaws carrot tops and all.

Shall I bring up SARS?

Typing this on a keyboard,

Which used to be paper.

Something of the same or used a long time ago.

When I used thyme to flavor moments.

A good one to bring up then put down.

Thanks Newman

Its tryna get colder.

People tryna get closer.

Minus the Portman, I mean Wuhan.

I avoid speaking on behalf of myself, instead I speak by-myself.

Narrating verbs.

Nouns in past tense.

Half the time most things said are half felt.

Per the Carpe, dealt in Black Market.

Swept under the carpet.

Now you are heartless.

Bit that hand for ages.

Attitudes such as age better than wine.

A tickin’ time bomb.

Separated in stories.

Chain reaction Kenneth Cole.

A ticking time bar measures this beat.


Of your heart.

That’s a great start.

 Divide that by love and hate.

Now you got a loop.

Everything that glitters aint fish scale.


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