yolo cat

wavelengths of pasturized father figures

figure of speech




fact is facing another cowardly thought

add that to the flouresent beam that

can go for more than a G 

whats a G 

to an A- B 


appable of dominating empty funds G 

double that you got a golden gate/ portal of death 

bridge of the free 

nothing but gold 

hold that thought # period

facing jupiter on a gradient side-loop 
loopy doopy knoopy

inhaling ambient abstract atmospheres

never limited to the lateral ak-47 cookie cutter pre-fractured manufactured 
whistle-blower of the 30th centurian

count pakula particular familular diamond-faced society

sobriety steepin' 

never sleepin'

walking shadows play on Steinway pianos

dreams of hanging gallows 

blue and white flags splattered with red stars 

homogenized cultured sour milk of the futurized military social zone

freedom is in the mind not the pocket

severed limbs pressed through a silenced bullet

faze tactics fed by an angry collar 

bone cold the Florida man eats 

deftone to what a mother sleeps

timesplitters on the fellowship ring carriage 

if you want the crosshair you gonna get it a lot 

gamma rays on the moisturized mother singers 


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