Disconnected From Reality

Aside from what’s obvious and what’s not we as individuals have been disconnected from our sole purpose, which is to survive.

Of course that’s a pretty broad statement, but as discussed before, it adds up to human behavior. I may have not graduated from a prestige school of thought, but I just like many of us are realizing that we are getting sick and tired of our life as we know it.

We constantly lie to ourselves, read up on how to be fake. Ruin the lives of others, copy immature gestures, and more especially leave this world without a purpose. Have you noticed that most of the things that inspire most of us comes from people that aren’t alive anymore?

From every part of the conscious culture tree of our existence, men and women have laid their lives down to modestly propose or even manifest a positive imprint in what’s going on around them. Communicating in real-time.

What’s going on today is the exact opposite. Honestly I have yet to see something or someone that has left a more than positive impression in this generation that our youngsters can follow.

Now as this story unfolds, I would like to take you on this quest for truth to where pure inspiration comes from within. Now you may think this sound corny, but as I’m typing this on my phone out here waiting for my parter, you’ll realize that you can also speak up and express what’s going on around you.

My point of view.


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